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Mujhse Shadi Karoge is a web based marriage introduction service. The target audience are men and women living in India and others looking to marry from these countries. Specific care is taken not to expose the contact information of the members to prevent unwanted communication and maintain privacy.

Important Membership Not Approved

If it has been 24 hours and your membership has not been approved, please immediately open a ticket.For refund or to contact acounts please open a ticket

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Attention Paypal Members

Paypal does not let us know the email address you registered at www.mujhseshadikaroge.com If you have used a different email address than your paypal address, please open a ticket to let us know.

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Supports Question

Before contacting us please read the faq as it contains most commonly asked questions. If you still do not find the answer, write to us and WAIT 12 hours for a reply.

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